Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kesejahteraan Untuk Semua - Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat 2012


1. Kesejahteraan Untuk Semua

Belanjawan Kesejahteraan 2012 is a continuation of the collective effort by Pakatan Rakyat to chart a new future for Malaysia, following the releases of the Common Policy Platform in December 2009 and the Buku Jingga in December 2010.

Kesejahteraan Untuk Semua can be only achieved with political will to effect genuine
and comprehensive institutional reforms guided by the principles of transparency and
good governance. Malaysia's diversity is our strength. Our economic growth depends on the solidarity of all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Only through a budget which is
gender responsive, and one that empowers ordinary Malaysians to live a dignified life full of opportunities , will we unleash the full potential of our people.

Recognizing the inflationary pressures on the Malaysian public, Belanjawan Kesejahteraan 2012 creates growth for all through providing policies and frameworks aimed towards uplifting the 60 percent of Malaysian households earning less than RM3,000 monthly.

Introduction of minimum wage, reduction of unskilled foreign workers, upgrading of skills and productivity will massively benefit the Malaysian workforce. In particular, special attention is given to improve women's participation in the workforce. Wage, skills and productivity will improve in tandem.

Improvements to public transport, housing and healthcare will contribute to increasing disposable income of the people. Higher disposable income will enhance domestic consumption, which is increasingly more important in the volatile global environment.

Monopolies and oligopolies will be broken up, enhancing competition while helping Malaysian businesses to reduce costs. A competitive environment will mitigate inflationary pressures and generate more choices for the people. Therefore, the five key imperatives of Belanjawan Kesejahteraan 2012 by Pakatan Rakyat are:

 To immediately assist the majority of Malaysians in times of increasing economic uncertainty.
 To ensure sustainable financing of government coffers with a focus on deficit reduction.
 To economically empower Malaysians in both the short and long term via technical and vocational trainings, as well as a reasonable living wage.
 To battle corrupt practices and wastages to ensure every cent spent is done efficiently.
 To immediately implement political reforms, which are the prerequisite to a smooth economic transformation that will bring Malaysia forward.

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